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Custom-fit mouth guards are prescribed and created by a dental professional and are based on a detailed mold taken of your mouth and teeth. They can be made for either sports or for night-time teeth grinding and are created differently depending on the intended use.

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Benefits of mouth guards for both sports-related and nighttime-related uses:

  • Reduces the risk of concussion from lower jaw impacts while play sports

  • Sports mouth guards protect teeth from being knocked out or fractured

  • Provides a comfortable fit allowing for natural breathing and speaking

  • Prevents jaw fractures by acting as a cushion between upper and lower jaw

  • Prevents tooth wear and fracture related to grinding or clenching during sleep

Often nighttime grinding and clenching is done unconsciously. If you wake up with jaw pain, sore teeth or sore muscles in your head and neck regions, this might be a sign that you need a night guard. Please mention it to your dentist. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!

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